Give Peace a Chance

Season 6, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 10/29/2009
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Derek must help the unlikeliest of all; the hospital lab-tech, Isaac, when it turns out that he has an inoperable tumor surrounding his spine. Derek is juggling two things at once when he questions Richard‘s authority.

‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ ‘Give Peace a Chance‘ Recap - The Mother of All Tumors and Diapers

You know it‘s a tumor-centric Grey‘s Anatomy episode when scary sound effects reverberate when people discuss the mother of all tumors / the great white of tumors / the you-can-retire-on-this-tumor tumor. On "Give Peace a Chance" the hospital‘s lab-tech Isaac has an inoperable tumor and everyone is thrilled / amazed at it, probably in spite of themselves, since a tumor‘s supposed to be a bad thing, right?But Derek‘s (Patrick Dempsey) hubris / determination is at an all-time high, so he‘s up to the challenge of taking on a nearly inoperable tumor. The Chief (James Pickens, Jr.) obviously won‘t hear any of it and points this out to him quite emphatically. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the hospital - most notably Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) - are all in Team Derek and stopped short of tackling the chief just so he wouldn‘t interfere with the 10-hour super surgery.
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