Elevator Love Letter

Season 5, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 3/26/2009
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All eyes are on Derek as he is set to perform his first surgery after his breakdown; attention is also set on Izzie, whose medical condition requires her to undergo a difficult surgery; and Owen has another PTSD episode that injures Cristina and traumatizes both of them, throwing the future of their relationship into question.

Grey‘s Anatomy: Episode 5.19 "Elevator Love Letter" Recap (Page 1/4)

Tonight‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy begins with an Alex voiceover. I guess Meredith got tired of talking to herself. Alex (Justin Chambers) looks in on Izzie, where she is fast asleep in her hospital room. Callie and Arizona are at Callie‘s place, “dancing it out.” In Cristina‘s bedroom, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen are finally spending nights with each other, relaxing by watching videos of surgeries. Cristina falls asleep, so Owen turns the TV off and shuts off the lights. He dozes off, and the peppy, happy music stops, replaced by whooshing sounds of the overhead ceiling fan turning in slow motion. The screen goes dark and the next thing we know, Owen is choking Cristina. She struggles but can‘t free herself. Callie walks through the door to see if everything OK, and stops him. Callie (
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