Dr. Mark Sloan

Played by Eric Dane

Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), also known as "McSteamy, "' is well-known as a womanizer and plastic surgeon on the hit TV series "Grey's Anatomy." He was first introduced in Season 2 as the ex-best friend of Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), but their friendship has since been re-established.

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) has always been the character who flirts and seduces women, even mesmerizing those at home watching their screen. Most of these sexual endeavors were with Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), with whom he formed a close bond. The only serious relationship Mark has had is with Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh). Although they were were both criticized for their age difference, they continued to allow their relationship to grow seriously.

Mark was faced with his toughest challenge yet, when his 18-year-old daughter showed up at his house, pregnant. At this stage, he showed a complete change in character as he became completely selfless and caring towards his daughter. This caused a stress on his relationship with Lexie, which resulted in a break-up, as she did not want to raise his daughter's baby. In Season 6, he performed an emergency surgery on Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), a former boyfriend of Lexie. As he performed the surgery, Alex mistook Lexie for his wife Isobel Stevens (Katherine Heigl), and Lexie played along and told him she loved him. This seemed to make Mark jealous.

Memorable Quotes:

"I know you have a boyfriend. All I'm saying is, you could have a husband."

"Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever."

" This might come as a shock, but looks like I'm the respectable adult in this situation."

"Sorry about that. Your breasts are fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing."

"[to Lexie] You can't pull it off! Blondes are either bad ass or fun. You're... you're a brunette!"