The Backup Dan

Season 5, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 2/6/2012
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From the CW: “Blair must make a difficult decision about her future, the consequences of which could hurt those she loves most. Serena takes the blame for an incident with Gossip Girl in order to protect someone she loves. Georgina smells the scent of scandal and decides to follow its trail.”

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Dowry Does It

This week on Gossip Girl, Blair tries to escape her fate but Louie is hot on her heels like a lisping Terminator with less personality. Sensing a disturbance in the force, which is Blair Waldorf wearing a sweatshirt, the non-judging breakfast club reunite for one night only to fight crime, hit on cater waitresses and look stunning in formal attire. Once again, a spinoff I would much rather be watching than this episode of Gossip Girl.
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