I Am Number Nine

Season 5, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 11/7/2011
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From the CW: “Blair makes all of her former minions and Charlie compete to secure the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate is tired of keeping his relationship with Diana a secret, so he decides to use Charlie to make Diana jealous. Serena’s boss is determined to acquire the film rights to Dan’s book, so Serena must put her personal feelings about Dan and the book aside in order to close the deal.”

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Playing Videogames

This week on Gossip Girl everyone reverts to their scheming ways, despite their best intentions. Blair is trying to choose which of her minions will make a good bridesmaid by putting them through insane, potentially life-threatening obstacle courses. Chuck reacts to finding out his therapist is taking bribes the way he reacts to everything: by being a huge drama queen. Nate spends the entire episode either being whored out by Diana or Ivy, even though he thinks he‘s the one trying to make Diana jealous. And Serena is accidentally ruining Dan‘s life while trying to help, the way she always does.
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