Goodbye, Columbia

Season 4, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/11/2010
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An anonymous Gossip Girl blast starts a very damaging rumor about one of Columbia’s new students, Serena. On her path to greatness, Blair decides to take a class with a powerful businesswoman, Martha, who is guest-lecturing at Columbia, but a mysterious fellow student thwarts her plans to secure the prized position as Martha’s assistant.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Fan Columnist: Chuck & Juliet, Life-Ruiners

In last night‘s episode, "Goodbye, Columbia," no one really said goodbye to Columbia at all -- but one of the New Yorkers did say ta-ta to the city altogether. Now is it just me, or does it seem like leaving town every time something bad happens never really works out for this bunch?Although the title of the episode mentions "goodbye," the true theme seemed centered around "hello," as everyone in the city popped up in the most random places -- Chuck at Columbia, Vanessa at Hamilton House and Dan at the Empire Hotel. You know something bad is about to go down when these fish find themselves out of water.
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