They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

Season 3, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/11/2009
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Not satisfied with just being Queen of Constance Billard, Jenny sets her sights on becoming the Queen of all the Upper East Side by landing the hottest escort for Cotillion.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Wrap-Up: If "They" Don‘t Shoot Humphreys, I‘d Like to Volunteer

Tonight on Gossip Girl: New alliances form, while others disintegrate under the pressure of so many text-lies and e-bites. Serena and Blair make up, but don‘t make out, while trapped in an elevator. Nate has nothing better to do than to deliver Chuck‘s mail and relive his high school "epic"-ness by escorting Jenny at Cotillion. Eric and Blair see the Franken-mess they‘ve created in one Jenny Humphrey, and they try to take her down, but it‘s too late--this monster is bigger, stronger, and more devoid of human emotion than anyone could have imagined, and she‘s got no sympathy for casualties under her evil, half-gloved hand. Including Jonathan, who breaks up with Eric for "sinking to Jenny‘s level." Plus, Serena is well on her way to earning the elusive "Skank Triple Crown" via a political scandal with congressman Tripp Vanderbilt, who is apparently above lying about a drowning hoax, but not above hiring an 18-year-old to whom he is overwhelmingly sexually attractive. 
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