Reversals of Fortune

Season 3, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/14/2009
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As summer draws to an end, Blair and Chuck continue to adjust to being in a relationship with one another. Serena returns from Europe with new secrets to hide and a new relationship with Carter Baizen. Nate also returns from vacationing and brings home a mysterious girl, Bree Buckley. Meanwhile, Rufus, Dan and Jenny spend the summer in the Hamptons and learn to adjust to the van der Woodsen‘s glamorous lifestyle

Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere Recap: Putting the Cart(er) Before the Whores

Tonight on the season premiere of Gossip Girl, our omniscient blogger gal welcomes us back with a quick recap of Season 2, and an even quicker update about the recent lives of our (least) favorite Upper East Siders: Chuck‘s in a bar picking up a blonde, but what about his girlfriend, Blair? Over in the Hamptons, jolly Jenny is openly enjoying the fruits of royalty with a ruffled Rufus, dubious Dan, and ever-unphased Eric, with Lily mysteriously away. Where could Mommy Dearest be? Meanwhile, Nate tied off his European adventure by nearly joining the mile-high club with an adorable auburn-haired heiress by the name of Bree Buckley--his family‘s rival, it turns out.
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