How To Succeed in Bassness

Season 3, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 10/26/2009
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In need of publicity for his new hotel, Chuck decides to move up his club’s opening and enlists Serena’s help to get the word out to her celebrity clients. Feeling left out of the planning, Blair attempts to win Chuck’s approval by secretly helping him with a problem concerning opening night. Dan is unnerved when he finally watches one of Olivia’s infamous sex scenes with co-star and real-life boyfriend at the time, Patrick Robinson. Jenny is forced to choose between her relationship with Eric and her new role as Queen Bee. Rufus gets Lily into the Halloween spirit.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Wrap-Up: "How to Succeed in Bassness" and Fail at Everything Else

Tonight on Gossip Girl: Balancing one‘s relationships and business concerns is tricky (as in trick-or-treaty), especially when your significant other (or step-brother, or best friend) just refuses to butt. OUT. Rufus may have learned the not-at-all hard way that Halloween isn‘t exactly magical on the Upper East Side, but the rest of the Gossip Girl goblins learned that our yearly spooky holiday isn‘t necessary in their circle, as the people they know wear too many masks as it is. (Besides Nate, of course, whose relative absence meant that he just learned that Dan is magically clueless about sex, even after having dated Serena.)
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