Valley Girls

Season 2, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 5/11/2009
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In a flashback to the 80s, 17-year-old Lily Rhodes (Brittany Snow) gets kicked out of boarding school and runs away to Los Angeles, reconnecting with her parents, Rick (Andrew McCarthy) and Cece (Cynthia Watros), and sister, Carol (Krysten Ritter). Back in present day, Blair and Nate attend prom together, but the evening doesn‘t turn out exactly as planned and Chuck and Serena have a little something to do with that. Serena and Lily don‘t see eye-to-eye over Serena‘s recent run-in with the law. No Doubt performs in the flashbacks as an 80s band called "Snowed Out."

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Episode 2.24, "Valley Girls" (Page 1/3)

Tonight it‘s a "totally 80‘s flashback!" (The CW‘s words, not mine), and they make good on their promise right away: we open on young Lily. She‘s in LA, and calls her father Rick‘s office from a pay phone. She asks if he has time to catch up, but he needs to go to London. She looks at the documents in front her saying that she got expelled from private school, tells him where and when to meet her, and then hangs up. Flash forward to present Lily, who was reminiscing about this whole flashback in her car as she made her way to jail to bail out Serena.
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