The Serena Also Rises

Season 2, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 9/29/2008
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In the midst of Fashion Week, a furious Blair learns that her mother, Eleanor, at the suggestion of her protege Jenny, has given Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton (guest star Tamara Feldman), front row seats to the Eleanor Waldorf show. Hurt once again by Serena‘s popularity and her mother‘s betrayal, Blair decides to sabotage the show. Meanwhile, Dan starts hanging out with Chuck, but a walk on the dark side always has its risks and Dan learns that the hard way. Lily learns a secret that her new husband, Bart, has been keeping from her.

Gossip Girl: Episode 2.5 "The Serena Also Rises" Recap

Last week‘s episode of Gossip Girl was filled with all the delicious scandal and glorious backstabbing we‘ve come to expect from the series.  Blair successfully ran Marcus and Catherine out of town after Vanessa found the evil MILF making out with her stepson, but her absence now leaves Nate (Chace Crawford) with a ton of debt and nowhere to turn.  Proving that B isn‘t the only one capable of evil mind games, Chuck hired a girl named Amanda to woo Dan, all in an effort to convince Serena to reclaim her rightful place as queen of Constance Billiard.  The ploy worked, and now S is in charge, Dan is shunned, and Blair has to share the spotlight with her supposed best friend.
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