The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Season 2, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 5/18/2009
24 Ratings


Gossip Girl decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of the commencement ceremony, stirring Serena to come up with a plan of attack. The Mean Girls (guest stars Yin Chang, Nicole Fiscella, Amanda Setton and Dreama Walker) challenge Jenny to throw her hat in the ring to succeed Blair as Queen Bee next year. Lily and Rufus struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal. As for the cliffhangers, Blair and Chuck finally… and Serena is shocked by… and Georgina decides to… and Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly…. Jenny and Eric do something they might end up regretting...and it all happens in the series’ climatic season finale.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Season Finale Recap: "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" (Page 1/4)

It‘s Gossip Girl Graduation time! And on the UES, it‘s done "a little differently..."Blair and Serena have brunch and talk about how Serena‘s now famous because GG broke the news that she got arrested. Serena is ready to graduate so she can finally get away from GG, who has plagued her more than anyone else. S asks B to change the subject, and Blair asks how exactly Chuck said, "I love her." (Was it, "I LOVE her?" or "I love HER?") S says this shouldn‘t be news to her, but B says the problem is his inability to express his feelings to the one person who matters. B asks if S has even told Chuck that she and Nate broke up, and when S says no, B rushes her out the door to do just that--right into the arms of waiting paparazzi hoping to get a glimpse of the ex-con.
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