Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Season 2, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/27/2009
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Georgina returns to the Upper East Side but it‘s not the same Georgina we all knew, she‘s changed. Chuck and Nate‘s relationship is at a crossroads because of their mutual interest in Blair. Serena‘s relationship with Gabriel gets more complicated.

Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 2.22 "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Page 1/3)

Tonight on Gossip Girl, we open on Blair and Nate walking around in the Village, talking about Blair‘s mixed feelings about attending NYU.  She‘s worried about ironic facial hair, mole men, middle-class professionals, and patchouli, which are the four majors available at NYU, so she‘s in trouble. Nate wants to show her around to all the great Village pizza places and pot dealers, and then proposes they try out the subway, which will be the quickest way for them to see each other next year, but she resists.
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