Seder Anything

Season 2, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/20/2009
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Serena returns from her trip to Spain with Poppy and Gabriel. Blair makes a secret deal with Nate‘s grandfather. Dan takes a job to earn money for college.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Episode 2.21 "Seder Anything" (Page 1/3)

Years, months, and/or weeks ago on Gossip Girl: Remember when Chuck tried to molest Jenny? When Blair didn‘t get into Yale? When Dan didn‘t get financial aid? When Serena jetted off to Spain with Poppy and a man who knows her at Sabrina? When Blair and Nate got back together? Then you‘re on track. Here we go.We open on a classy restaurant, and Blair dressed as a Cockney bag lady. In a pretty horrible "My Fair Lady" accent, she approaches Nate and Blair, who are dressed all classy-like and sitting at a table. Rich Blair tells poor, ugly, sad Blair that she‘s poor and ugly and sad, and she‘ll never go to Yale. Poor bag lady Blair is dragged away as actual Blair wakes up from her horrid nightmare of having to work for money, looks at her invitation to Nate‘s cousin‘s wedding, and smiles. It was all just a horrible dream. The end.
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