Remains of the J

Season 2, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 3/30/2009
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Serena throws Jenny a sixteenth birthday party, but things spin out of control when Poppy Lifton turns the party into the social event of the season. Vanessa agrees to help Chuck in a plan concerning Blair and Nate. Meanwhile, Rufus searches for a way to cover Dan‘s tuition when he learns he will not receive financial aid to go to Yale.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Episode 2.20 "Remains of the J" (Page 1/3)

We open on a New York morning, and Serena’s on the phone with Blair. Blair’s lying about where she is, saying she’s at home with Dorota when she’s really out on the street walking somewhere—wonder why?Out in Brooklyn, Dan basks in his own importance with his first “fan letter” and his entry package to Yale. The Humphreys make jokes about how they were sure Jenny’s bad life choices would have led to her death before age 16, which she turns tomorrow.  They head over to the van der Woodsens’ in Manhattan for breakfast before school, which means it must be about 5 AM right now. Which doesn’t stop Vanessa from popping in to worry about why Nate hasn’t called her in a week and let her apologize for getting mad at him last week. Just then, she gets an email from Nate asking her to stop by in half an hour.
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