Never Been Marcused

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/8/2008
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Blair is over the moon that she is dating royalty and has every intention of becoming a royal herself, but a scheming Chuck has other plans for Blair and her new love, Marcus, when he introduces Blair to Marcus‘ stepmother who happens to be Catherine. Meanwhile, Nate learns the downside to having an affair with Catherine when he keeps getting caught in his lies and learns his family has gone bankrupt due to his father jumping bail.

Gossip Girl: Episode 2.2 "Never Been Marcused" Recap

Last week on Gossip Girl, we took a trip to the Hamptons to catch up on the unsavory shenanigans of the Upper East Siders.  Nate spent the summer in a scandal-tastic relationship with an older married woman, Serena wasted time moping over Dan, and Blair was busy picking up a fake boyfriend to flaunt in front of Chuck.  By the end of the episode, Serena and Dan kissed and made up, Blair discovered that her new boy is actually a wealthy British Lord, and Chuck figured out that he‘s incapable of saying "I love you."  What a mother Chucker.
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