Carnal Knowledge

Season 2, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 2/2/2009
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Blair devises a plan to bring down a teacher; Chuck wakes up in a hotel with little memory of what happened the previous evening.

‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Episode 2.17 "Carnal Knowledge" (Page 1/3)

Spotted: The girl who has everything finally gets something she‘s never had before: Detention. And she‘s not taking her community service lying down.This week on Gossip Girl, Blair complains to Serena about her punishment, while forcing Dorota to do the dirty work in the park. Pa Waldorf comes to meet his daughter with a picnic basket, and commends her on taking her punishment so maturely. Dorota, hands still sore from the manual labor, tells Blair that her “martyr act” stinks like the garbage she‘s got Dorota picking up.
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