Bonfire of the Vanity

Season 2, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 11/10/2008
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Blair sets out on a mission to break up her mother and Cyrus Rose, her new man. Jenny moves in with Agnes as the two continue with their plans for their own fashion line. As Serena continues to fall for Aaron, she learns something that may derail their relationship forever while Dan interviews Bart Bass for an article for New York Magazine.

Gossip Girl: Episode 2.10 "Bonfire of the Vanity" Recap (Page 1/3)

Spotted: Little Jenny Humphrey packing her bags and moving out of Brooklyn.  That‘s what happened on last week‘s episode of Gossip Girl, as J let the success of her impromptu fashion show go straight to her bangs.  Also moving on to greener pastures was Nate, who fled to the Hamptons after Dan found out about his fling with the wannabe fashion icon.  D may be willing to play Judge Judy and executioner when it comes to N, but he doesn‘t deserve the moral high ground after sending his story about Chuck to his advisor.  How far is Dan willing to go for a recommendation letter?
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