The Blair Bitch Project

Season 1, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/21/2008
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Having been recently dethroned as Queen Bee, Blair returns to school with the support of Serena to find she is still on the outs with her old friends. Dan visits his mother over spring break, and when he returns, Jenny is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged member of the A-List crowd. Jenny must go to dangerous and even illegal lengths to fit in. Serena struggles to adjust to living with Chuck, and receives disturbing packages from an unknown sender.

Gossip Girl: Episode 14 "The Blair Bitch Project" Recap

OMFG you guys, Gossip Girl is finally back!  When we last left the Upper East Side, Blair‘s reputation was ruined after everyone found out about her fling with Chuck, leaving little Jenny Humphrey to take over as Queen Bee.  Nate, upset that Chuck moved in on his girl, broke up with his scarf-loving BFF.  Blair eventually tried to flee to France to escape all the drama, but Serena (Blake Lively) successfully talked her out of it at the last minute.Will Blair be able to claw her way back to the top and destroy Little J?  She‘s certainly going to give it a try.
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