Hi, Society

Season 1, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 12/5/2007
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Serena‘s grandmother announces that Serena has to go to Debutante Ball. However, Dan is not what CeCe wants as an escort for Serena, and she makes her opinion heard loud and clear, causing a rift between Serena and Dan. Although they are officially broken up, Nate asks Blair to go to the ball with him. A jealous Nate begins to suspect that Blair is seeing someone else. Jenny finds herself having to make the decision of either attending her mother‘s art opening or following her dreams to the Debutante Ball, even though her parents don‘t want her to go.

Gossip Girl: Episode 1.10 "Hi, Society" Recap

Previously on Gossip Girl, Nate (Chace Crawford) was duped out of a lot of money by Carter Basin at a high-stakes poker game, Jenny (Taylor Momsen) wants nothing more than to join Blair‘s (Leighton Meester) posse, but Blair dismisses Little J, Rufus‘ (Matthew Settle) wife Alison is back, Blair broke up with Nate and slept with Chuck (Ed Westwick).You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.Tonight‘s Gossip Girl begins in the middle of debutante season. Blair tells Serena (Blake Lively) that she‘s glad she‘s going to the Debutante Ball with Prince Theodore somebody, instead of Nate. But poor widdle Nate is sad because he misses Blair. Serena has chosen not to be presented at the ball because that‘s not her bag anymore. I am so excited about the Debutante Ball, y‘all, because you know that someone is going to get punched out at it!
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