Dorota Kishlovsky

Dorota Kishlovsky (Zuzanna Szadkowski) is the housekeeper of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and her mother Eleanor Waldorf (Margaret Colin) on "Gossip Girl."

Dorota and Blair have a special relationship. Since Dorota is employed by the Waldorfs, Blair is the boss. She frequently asks Dorota to help her with her many complicated schemes. Usually, Dorota is asked (or forced) to play witty roles as part of Blair's shenanigans. Aside from this, however, Dorota is also the voice of reason when Blair is busy plotting against a rival. She would apprehensively offer suggestions or warnings to Blair.

Dorota also acts like a surrogate mother towards Blair. Her active participation in Blair's schemes is just one part of this bond that she shares with her. She also offers Blair advice whenever Blair struggles through problems, usually with her humorous Polish sayings. Dorota's investment in Blair's life is seen quite evidently. She supports Blair in everything she does even when she doesn't agree with all her choices. Blair responds to this love the way that a daughter responds to a mother's love. Her own mother, Eleanor Waldorf, was frequently absent during Blair's childhood and it was at this time that the special bond between Blair and Dorota was forged.

Not only is Dorota essential in Blair's life as she struggles to find love, Dorota has also found love on the show. She is married to Vanya (Aaron Schwartz), the doorman of an apartment building and they have a daughter together. They were given an apartment by Blair's stepfather, Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn), further solidifying Dorota's place in the Waldorf family.

Memorable Quotes:

"Miss Blair, I defriend Mr. Chuck in Facebook and in life."

"In Poland, we have a saying, "Love is like head wound." It make you dizzy, you think you die, but you recover. Usually."