Season 48, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 9/7/2010
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Lisa takes joy in watching Patrick and Robin yell at one another. Jason discusses with Sam he had to marry Brenda to get Sonny and Carly together again. Lucky tells Michael to stop harrassing Johnny or he‘ll find himself back in Pentonville. Brenda is surprised when Murphy arrives in Rome. A woman offers to sit with Sonny at his table while he waits for his lady friend. Lisa tells a doctor that a woman is complaining so she can scrub in on a surgery with Patrick. Johnny makes Lucky an offer to come and work for him, but he anguishly declines. Murphy tells Brenda that Suzanne called him cause she was worried about her. Jax explains to Carly about Michael not wanting to go to Madison despite all that‘s happened this past year. Kristina asks Michael she‘s gonna asks Alexis if she can go to Port Charles high, also if he thinks Sonny will come back at all. Lucky tells Lulu of Johnny‘s job offer, and there‘s a part of him that almost said yes. Carly walks in and almost spills Sonny‘s whereabouts, and sees that Dante is there. Robin returns to the lab and sees Emma‘s stuffed rabbit in the boiling water on the bunsen burner. Sonny decides to leave, he hears a noise he turns around and walks towards her and comes face-to-face with Brenda.