08-30-2010 (#12131)

Season 48, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 8/30/2010
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Robin tells Patrick that he threw their marriage away for a one night stand with Lisa. Sonny tells Dante that he would lie to a cop but he wouldn‘t lie to his kids. Jason tells Sam that he doesn‘t think she should be walking on her ankle. Lisa sees that he labcoat covered in blood, but doesn‘t want Steve to call the police. Dante tells Sonny against his judgement he believes when he says that Johnny had a gun. Brenda remembers her first time making love to Sonny. Diane tells Sonny to stop talking to Dante immediately. Brenda explains to Murphy about her marriage of convenience to Jaosn. Jason sees that Lopez‘s men is getting into position. Bernie agrees with Diane‘s suggestion that Sonny should jump bail and leave the country. Robin calls Patrick saying that she tried but asks where he is so she can come get him. Brenda accepts Murphy‘s marriage proposal. Sonny tells Bernie that he‘ll be going to Rome when he‘s out on bail. Lisa runs out into the street and is hit by Robin, in her plan to frame her.