08-27-2010 (#12130)

Season 48, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/27/2010
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Michael asks Brook Lynn if his mother offered to pay her to seduce Dante and break him and Lulu up. Diane tells Sonny that there‘s no evidence that Johnny was carrying a gun and he‘ll be looking at attempted murder. Olivia sits by Johnny‘s bedside thinking she knew this day would happen. Patrick tries to make Robin see his error, but she says that it‘s not helping. Lulu warns Brook Lynn to stay away from Dante. Sam and Jason do whatever it takes to get away from the gunfire. Nikolas makes a call to Elizabeth‘s sister Sarah wanting to ask her to come and visit. Steve tells Robin to go and for Patrick to not do this here. Lisa files a complaint with Lucky at the police station regarding Robin‘s death threat but holds off on the restraining order. Elizabeth gets a call from Sarah wanting her to come and visit. Patrick comes home to find Robin packing up all his things. Olivia tells Johnny if his life is spared she wouldn‘t waste another minute with him. Lisa goes to her locker and finds something very disturbing in it. Sonny asks Dante to believe him as a son and not a cop.