08-19-2010 (#12124)

Season 48, Episode 98 -  Air Date: 8/19/2010
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Lulu tells Maxie that she found Dante and Brook Lynn together, but thinks he was drugged. Robin visits Sonny and asks if he ever got around to e-mailing Brenda. Dante wakes up and Michael fills him in on what exactly happened last night and what he said to Lulu. Brenda tells Suzanne that Murphy proposed last night and hasn‘t given him an answer. Ronnie tells Jason that Johnny‘s place was torched last night and he‘s the likely suspect. Mike tells Olivia that she could be the reason for peace between Dante and Sonny. Dante begs for Lulu‘s forgiveness and will do anything to prove his love for her. Maxie tells Brook Lynn to leave Port Charles or else she‘ll expose her for the trash that she is. Sam tells Sonny that Jason was brought in for questioning regarding the fire at one of Johnny‘s warehouses. Sonny asks Spinelli to do some checking on Brenda, and what she‘s been up to. Maxie tells Lulu he can see that Brook Lynn is lying through his teeth. Ethan stands up for Johnny to Mike. Sonny looks through some photos of Brenda on Spinelli‘s computer. Dante asks Brook Lynn if she‘s the one who drugged him. Sam tells Spinelli that she needs to prove Jason‘s innocence by proving Ronnie blackmailing him. Brenda and Sonny send each other text messages.