08-18-2010 (#12123)

Season 48, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 8/18/2010
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Lulu gets violent with Brook Lynn and throws her out of the loft. Robin tells Patrick that she searched and can‘t find her medication to treat her H.I.V. Nikolas helps Elizabeth and the boys settle into Wyndemere. Michael apologizes to Jason for interrupting his romance with Sam. Steve explains to Lisa about their relationship. Brook Lynn tells Sonny that Lulu caught her with Dante just now. Carly asks Jax if he‘d like to join her and the kids out to Martha‘s Vineyard. Lulu tells Dante that either he‘s faking this or something is really wrong. Johnny asks Maya if she wants to keep her interest in Ethan to herself, Ethan arrives and asks what‘s going on. Maxie tells Lucky that she feels that Patrick is being stalked. Steve explains to Patrick that he won‘t be consulting with Lisa on anymore patients, Patrick confronts Lisa and knows she stole Robin‘s medication. Lulu tries to get Dante to remember her, but he starts saying something about him keeping his word to someone. Jason tells Sonny that Johnny is still alive and Michael pushed him out of the way. Brook Lynn tells Carly that Lulu caught her with Dante, Carly couldn‘t be more pleased.