08-12-2010 (#12119)

Season 48, Episode 93 -  Air Date: 8/12/2010
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Suzanne insists on upping security to Brenda since someone almost killed her last night. Jason tells Michael that he shouldn‘t have come back here. Johnny sees that Ethan paid his bail, but he‘s the one that let Sonny set him up. Michael tells Jason he thinks that Carly is up to something. Carly runs into Lisa while at Kelly‘s, while waiting for Patrick to show up. Olivia comes to see Dante and says this definately can‘t wait. Patrick explains the situation to Carly about Lisa possibly cutting up photos of Robin cause he refused to have an affair with him. Maxie tells Matt he had no right to ask Robin about her past with Lucky. Lisa tells Steve she‘s thinking of filing a sexual harrassment suit against Patrick. Olivia discusses with Dante about possibly him and Lulu getting married. Jason tells Carly that Michael is thinking she‘s out for revenge on Dante. Maya admits to Ethan she‘s avoiding him cause she almost let him die in the hospital. Lisa learns Robin is away with Anna, and goes and makes her move, by letting herself into Patrick‘s house. Dante tells Lulu that his mother is talking about them getting married one day. Gunshots are fired as Michael takes cover. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli is looking for a judge to have him released.