08-11-2010 (#12118)

Season 48, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 8/11/2010
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A mysterious woman arrives late for a ceremony. Brook Lynn plants a kiss on Dante. Sonny tries to explain to Claire that she doesn‘t want to have a baby with him. Maxie comes across Lucky standing on the pier in the rain and offers to take him to Jake‘s. Carly finds out that Michael is on his way back to Dante‘s loft. Carly tells Lulu that Dante is not trustworthy. Lucky tells Maxie that Spinelli helped him find Aiden and he had to lie and say it was his baby. Coleman encounters an angry Olivia who‘s having a bad day. Taylor comes for his study time with Kristina, but Alexis suddenly changes her mind about going out. Carly gets a text from Brook Lynn saying that they got interrupted. Kristina is shuttered when Taylor tries to kiss her, and he says that she‘s not ready for another relationship. Dante tells Michael that Brook Lynn kissed him and it was nothing and not to say anything to Lulu. Carly realizes that Dante is more like Sonny then she thought and thinks Michael walking in is perfect. A man tries to stab the woman backstage, but is caught and the woman turns out to be Brenda Barrett who‘s accepting a prestigious award.