08-09-2010 (#12117)

Season 48, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 8/9/2010
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Elizabeth meets Shirley‘s obnoxious daughter Marny, who is livid when all she‘s left with is her mother‘s monstrostities she calls jewelry. Olivia wants to know what pictures Carly is talking to Brook Lynn about. Sonny sees someone resembling Brenda and sees that it‘s Claire standing there. Lucky tries to explain to Karen that Franco kidnapped a baby so he can give it to her. Olivia finds out about Johnny‘s arrest. Elizabeth gets Marny to see that her mother made mistakes and one day she‘ll want to look at the jewelry pieces. Nikolas offers to take Elizabeth home to tell the boys the bad news about Aiden. Lucky boards a plane to Port Charles and is bringing Aiden home to Elizabeth. Judge Carroll sees Johnny in the interogation room and asks what he‘s doing here. Sonny tells Claire about his history with Brenda and that they were almost married. Elizabeth is thrilled when Lucky walks in the door with Aiden. Johnny tells Judge Carroll that Sonny and Claire are practically dating. Brook Lynn arrives at Dante‘s loft asking to use his shower.