08-06-2010 (#12116)

Season 48, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 8/6/2010
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Spinelli sends a picture of Franco‘s mother which confirms the person he‘s watching tend to Aiden. Johnny tells Dante to look at Sonny for Tomas‘s murder cause he set him up. Patrick tells Robin that Mac is holding his own and should be released soon. Sonny tells Claire that he had no part in Tomas Lopez‘s murder. Ronnie tells Jason that he got a reprieve at least for now. Alexis shows up while Helena is about tell them the truth. Lucky enters Karen‘s house as a member of the Census Bureau, and sees that she has a toddler and a grown son named Bobby. Lulu overhears Carly come in and tell Spinelli how long before they catch someone, but she says that it‘s Franco she meant. Max explains to Sonny that everything went down according to plan. Nikolas catches up to Helena on the pier, cause she was eager to tell him something before. Robin tells Sonny that she got an e-mail from Brenda today, and gives him her phone number if he wants to call her. Lucky apologizes to Karen for lying and says he‘s a cop looking for a kidnapped baby. Carly tells Brook Lynn and that apartment will be empty and to have either video or pictures of her with Dante. Sonny goes on the pier and reminisces of first meeting Brenda there.