08-03-2010 (#12113)

Season 48, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 8/3/2010
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Ep. #12113Jason wonders what those papers Franco is signing that no one wants to see, Dante says they better figure it out soon. Patrick and Robin confront Lisa about the cut up photos. Claire walks in on Sonny embracing Brook Lynn, and discusses the list of charges he‘ll be facing. Olivia tells Steve that she‘s gonna give Johnny one more chance. Tracy goes to visit Ethan in the hospital and says that Luke disappearing is a way for her to go after him. Spinelli uncovers a partial of the letter, Dante and Jason learn that Franco hired an attorney. Sam hears Lulu says Jason should go back to prison. Olivia comes to talk to Johnny and will tell him even though Carly is there. Ethan tries to get Tracy to call Luke and tell him about his injury. Michael walks in on Dante and Lulu. Carly lashes at Sonny for telling who not to hang out with when he‘s here with Claire. Jason convinces Spinelli to take a break and try to figure it out in the morning. Lisa watches as Robin and Patrick leave the hospital together.