08-02-2010 (#12112)

Season 48, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 8/2/2010
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Olivia tells Johnny not to do this while Claire looks at the photos. Lucky says the way to begin is Karen. Jax tells Carly that he didn‘t sleep with Skye while in Barcelona. Patrick goes to meet Lisa and she apologizes for what she did earlier. Karen names the baby Pablo, Franco leaves to start work on another project. Robin asks Steve if there‘s any word on Elizabeth‘s baby and thinks that Lisa is set on destroying her marriage. Jason thinks that Lucky is just wasting time by going after someone he doesn‘t think is connected to Franco. Lucky searches for leads in Woodstock. Claire wants Sonny to explain to her about the photos and if they‘re indeed fakes. Olivia tells Sonny to do his conversation with Claire elsewhere. Carly sees Brook Lynn cozying up to Johnny at Jake‘s and reminds her she‘s supposed to be seducing Dante. Jason and Dante look to Spinelli for answers. Robin sees the photos in her locker of her and Patrick with the eyes scratched out. Franco boards a plane saying he has a whole thing in his head and has the perfect model, and looks at a photo of Brenda Barrett in a magazine.