12.24.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 253 -  Air Date: 12/24/2002
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Preview: Christmas brings traditions back to the hospital for the day.Preview: Edward grouses about having to attend the annual Christmas party in the children‘s ward at GH. Anxious to have his daddy back home, Michael pens another letter to Santa with a last minute Christmas wish. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Marcus gleefully informs Sonny and Jason that they‘ll remain guests of the city for the holiday. Jax flies Brenda to a Caribbean island, where he reminds her they have some decisions to make about their future. Monica coerces her irascible father-in-law into playing Santa Claus for the kids. A drunken Skye passes out on a park bench as a light snow begins to fall. Through tears of joy, Alexis thanks Cameron for persuading the NICU staff to let her hold her infant daughter for the very first time. Courtney talks a reluctant Mike into visiting his son at the police station on Christmas Eve. Georgie grimaces when Felicia forces her to play elf for the kids‘ party but her mood