12.13.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 246 -  Air Date: 12/13/2002
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Preview: Jason agrees when Sonny asks him to take Brenda out of town.Recap: Explaining why he turned the videotape over to the police, Sonny assures Brenda that Jax will never be convicted of murder. Meanwhile, Alexis objects when Scott pressures her client to take a polygraph test. Ric agrees to help Carly start up a new club. Choking back tears, Lucky tells Elizabeth how his father‘s breakdown has landed him in a mental hospital just like Laura. Still laced into his straitjacket, Luke is confused when Cameron has him transported to an isolated cabin instead of an asylum. A.J. enlists his sister in his latest scheme. Afterwards, Coleman renews his threats of blackmail to force Skye into seeing things his way. Jax finally consents to face the lie detector. Jason hesitates when Sonny asks him to take Brenda away from Port Charles. Luke plays mind games with his shrink. An excited Carly fills Courtney in on her plans for her new enterprise. Jax‘s confession holds up under the polygraph