12.12.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 245 -  Air Date: 12/12/2002
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Preview: Ric advises Carly on how to gain more independence.Recap: Sonny send for Taggert and presents him with the videotape which places Jax at the scene of the crime on the night of Alcazar murder. Arriving for her regular shift at Kelly‘s, Elizabeth is dismayed to find Luke dressed as Santa Claus and giving away all the cafe‘s cash and equipment to a horde of happy customers. Across town, Lucky finds a similarly chaotic scene at the blues club and struggles to prevent the place from being stripped clean. Meanwhile, ""Santa"" makes his way to the police station and begins handing out cash to cops and prisoners alike as a TV news crew (interviewing Mac about the Alcazar muder) records the event. Felicia‘s first stop in her investigation takes her to Skye‘s house, but A.J. intervenes before she can get any new information. Carly sees red after Sonny bans her from being being at Jax‘s bail hearing. Luke continues throwing cash around while dispensing his own personal philosophy for the