12.10.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 243 -  Air Date: 12/10/2002
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Preview: Jax agrees to allow Alexis to handle his case.Recap: Cameron drops by the neonatal ICU to check on Alexis, who‘s stunned to learn of Jax arrest in the Alcazar murder case. Meanwhile, at the police station, Brenda tells Jax she has no intention of leaving without him. Courtney is pleased when Jason assures her he wants them to continue seeing one another. Coleman comes to Skye‘s place unannounced to collect payment for the favor he did her the night before, but is surprised when A.J. shows up also. At the courthouse, Gia tells Zander why she believes Alexis may be heading for a disbarment. Brenda entreats Jax not to throw away his entire future in a misguided attempt to save her, but Jax assures her he knows all to wells what he is doing. Later, as he escorts his wife from the precinct house, Jason explains to an irked Brenda, that although both want to as soon as possible, why their annulment must be put on hold. Carly squabbles with Sonny about his interest in Brenda‘s predi