12.04.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 12/4/2002
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Preview: Scott makes plans to blame Sonny and Jason for the murder.Preview: Elizabeth come to drop off a package and Ric catches her snooping through his room. At the precinct house, Sonny reassures a worried Brenda that he will get her off, while Scott tries to use Carly‘s naturally jealous nature to his own advantage. Jason threatens Skye‘s life and warns her he‘s going to do whatever he must to clean up the mess she created for Brenda. Elizabeth questions the new tenant about his collection of clippings on Sonny‘s life but Ric advises her to mind her own business from now on. Alexis is thrilled to be reunited with her baby daughter following the successful surgery and thanks Ned for being strong. Meanwhile, Gia quietly cautions Ned that their mutual friend‘s law practice is falling apart at the seams due to her neglect. Carly easily sidesteps Scott‘s clumsy effort to trick her into betraying her husband. Georgie helps a grateful Lucas find innovative ways to cope with his dyslexia