11.28.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 11/28/2002
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Preview: Courtney‘s day is troubled as she suffers frustrating nightmares.Recap: Courtney wakes as Rosie runs into the room and knocks the water from her hand onto the bed. She then sprains her ankle and has to go to the hospital, where she meets Jason and the Quartermaines invite her to Thanksgiving dinner. She arrives at Kelly‘s just as Mike robs the place and is arrested. Later, the Quartermaines find out they won‘t be having turkey for dinner, again. Jason asks Courtney to walk outside at the mansion and they kiss. Courtney wakes to find out it was all a dream. From there on Courtney suffers from one dream after another and though all the dreams are very similar, in each dream she is paired with a different man from her past. As she dreams until she wakes with a start, Courtney imagines living one day over and over again with a different man in her life but always wanting to kiss Jason. Each dream brings to Courtney‘s imagined life, a set of limits and consequences that eventuall