11.27.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 235 -  Air Date: 11/27/2002
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Preview: Elizabeth meets Bobbie‘s newest border named Ric.Recap: Cameron finds Luke sleeping on a park bench. Courtney tells Elizabeth how A.J. set his brother up to take a fall. As Benny warns Sonny that rumors are flying, Carly snipes at her husband for forcing Jason to cover for Brenda‘s crime. At the police station, Scott informs his prisoner that an eyewitness has fingered Brenda as Alcazar‘s killer. Luke relates for Cameron his conversation with Summer, then assures the shrink he‘s given up on his mystery woman now that she‘s no longer a mystery. Elizabeth meets the new tenant in residence above Kelly‘s. Carly and Brenda face off again on the subject of Jason. Luke surreptitiously trails Summer to the docks and intervenes when he spots her arguing with a man. Sonny rushes Benny to GH after he suffers a heart attack. Scott drops the charges against Jason, then brings Brenda in for questioning. Revealing that she‘s a high priced call girl, Summer snarls at Luke for running off one