11.19.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 229 -  Air Date: 11/19/2002
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Preview: Brenda guesses that Sonny will never be totally happy.Dazed by his near miss, Luke wonders what happened to the blonde woman whose life he saved and finds out the driver never saw the woman. Later, when the truck driver brings Luke to the hospital to be checked out, Cameron introduces himself to a baffled Bobbie as her brother‘s shrink. Ned stays by Alexis‘ side as her water breaks and Dr. Meadows makes it clear that the baby has to be delivered in the next 12 to 24 hours. Forced to deliver baby Kristina months ahead of schedule, Alexis tearfully begs Ned to promise that her daughter‘s life will take precedence over hers. Jason explains to Courtney about Brenda‘s condition and how he‘ll soon be ending his marriage of convenience. Meanwhile, Brenda overhears a drunken Skye promising Jax she‘ll never let him and Brenda live happily ever after. On the docks, Sonny warns Alcazar that the longer he remains in Port Charles the shorter his life expectancy becomes. After Jax leaves,