11.18.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 228 -  Air Date: 11/18/2002
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Preview: Alexis and her baby face a life-threatening situation.Recap: Cameron convinces Scott to release a protesting Luke into his custody. Terrified that she‘s suffering a miscarriage, Alexis begs Alcazar for help but he turns and walks away from the anguished woman, saying she‘s right, it was all about Brenda. Skye stares in shock through the window of the cottage as Jax and Brenda begin to make love. A.J. confronts his estranged wife and his brother on the docks and accuses Jason of trying to seduce a gullible Courtney. Sonny tells a skeptical Carly he chose to come home to her and Michael because they mean the world to him. After Jason departs, Courtney snipes at A.J. for failing to take responsibility for his part in their break-up. As they bask in the afterglow, a beaming Brenda tells Jax how happy he‘s made her. Devastated to realize she‘s lost her husband to his old love, Skye begins downing shots of vodka. In the ER, a panicked Alexis fears the worst as her contractions inte