11.15.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 11/15/2002
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Preview: Jason tries to offer Courtney advice about A.J.Recap: Alexis threatens to kill Alcazar herself after learning his true motive in blowing up the warehouse. A grumbling Luke is forced to attend a court-ordered anger management class. Jax finds Brenda kneeling at Lily‘s grave and informs his astounded ex that she isn‘t dying after all. At Kelly‘s, A.J. appeals to Courtney to understand why he wanted her to turn to him when she felt threatened. Though she insists it‘s over between them, A.J. doggedly continues to press his case. Jax explains to Brenda how Luis tricked her into believing she was terminally ill and then bribed her doctors to administer phony ""treatment."" As the good news finally sinks in, Brenda exults at the thought of having a shining new future to enjoy. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Carly gleefully warns Skye that her husband is probably already in bed with his old flame. Luke quickly disrupts Logan‘s class by pouring fuel on the fire of the other participants‘