11.14.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 11/14/2002
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Preview: Skye leaks to Sonny and Carly that Brenda isn‘t dying.Recap: Jason asks Alan to make a house call after Brenda suddenly suffers another headache. Across the hall, Sonny assures Carly she has no cause for concern because he‘s fully committed to their marriage. Confiding that she and A.J. have separated, Courtney asks Bobbie if she can continue working at Kelly‘s. Alexis and Ned sadly reminisce about Kristina. Alan advises Brenda to see a neurologist but she assumes her symptoms simply mean that her terminal illness has advanced. Later, Brenda tearfully elicits a promise from Jason that he‘ll take her far away from Port Charles before she deteriorates any more. A.J. appeals to Ned for help saving his marriage. Luis informs a surprised Skye that Brenda has made her choice and she did not select Jax. Meanwhile, on the docks where they first met, Brenda bids Sonny a sentimental farewell. Ned agrees to take A.J. back on at ELQ. Jax tells Jason that Brenda isn‘t dying. Afterwards, J