11.11.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 11/11/2002
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Preview: Brenda advises Sonny that she‘s going to kill Alcazar.Recap: Sonny overpowers Alcazar and ties him up, but not before Alcazar has the chance to alert his men of their whereabouts. Sonny wants to finish Alcazar, but Brenda takes the gun and threatens to kill him herself . Sonny follows Brenda when she panics and runs off. Sonny tries to talk Brenda out of killing herself and in an attempt to get the gun away suddenly pulls her into a kiss. Meanwhile, Carly and Jason‘s offer of money is turned down and they face a certain death sentence. Jason and Carly manage to escape from the guards and they begin their search for Sonny and Brenda. Ric, a prisoner in an adjoining cell, becomes alerted when he hears Carly mention Sonny‘s name. Skye fears losing Jax to Brenda. Jax forces Brenda‘s doctor to come clean and realizes Skye knew the truth that Brenda isn‘t dying and kept the information to herself. Elizabeth is stunned and appearantly heartbroken when Courtney tells her Jason marrie