10.31.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 216 -  Air Date: 10/31/2002
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Preview: Courtney uses the gun Jason gave her to deal with a visitor.Recap: As the hospital Halloween fundraiser gets underway at Club 101, Bobbie reminds her son Lucas that responsible behavior is the only kind which will be tolerated. At GH, Skye models her costume for an approving Jax before heading off to the party alone. Jason catches his new bride trying to steal his revolver and realizes she‘s gunning for Alcazar. Elizabeth dons her sluttiest outfit to seductively change a flat tire in front of the officers guarding the chain gang. Meanwhile, Lucky uses the distraction to free his father and they both take it on the lam with the guards in hot pursuit. With the costume party in full swing, Lucas begins guzzling glasses of champagne and asks Georgie to dance. A masked Alcazar corners Skye and reminds her how letting Brenda believe she was dying prevented her from running back to Jax and how the only way for them both to be happy is to keep her mouth shut about Brenda not being si