10.14.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 203 -  Air Date: 10/14/2002
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Preview: Sonny explains his concern for Brenda to Carly.Recap: Edward offers Alexis a thick file on Scott‘s past sins to use in her upcoming debate against the interim DA. Meanwhile, Scott offers to let Nikolas and Lucky off the hook if they admit that his opponent put them up to the break-in. A terrified Courtney locates and destroys the video camera her stalker has been using to spy on her in her own apartment and then discovers their‘s even more. Jax painfully inches his way across the floor in an effort to reach the phone. At the penthouse, Carly warns Sonny that Brenda will never stop playing him or preying on his feelings of guilt. When Lucky and Nikolas refuse to play ball, Scott phones Alexis to give her a heads-up about her nephew‘s recent activities. Courtney calls Jason after realizing she is still being watched electronically. Lucky erupts in a fit of anger over his father‘s treatment by Scott and decks the D.A. to force him into making an arrest but Scott decides not to r