09.05.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 177 -  Air Date: 9/5/2002
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Preview:Luke demands to see Laura one more time.Recap:Brenda ducks into hiding to avoid being seen by Jason. Irked to discover that Carly sneaked off the plane and slipped back to the penthouse, Sonny reminds his wife that all hell is about to break loose in Port Charles. Scott comes to see Laura in the psych ward and is dismayed to realize that she believes she‘s a teenager again. At the precinct house, Bobbie entreats her brother to recant his confession. Intent on taking the heat for Laura, Luke asks Bobbie to look after Lulu for him. Carly explains to Sonny why she‘s determined to remain by his side no matter what. Jason encourages the mystery woman to show herself so he can help her escape, but Alcazar corners his uninvited guest first. Zander quizzes Elizabeth about their prior relationship and begins to wonder if he ever did anything good. Courtney‘s hopes for a pleasant dinner out with her husband are dashed when one of ""Daisy‘s"" many fans stops by their table to express his a