09.03.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 175 -  Air Date: 9/3/2002
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Preview:.Recap:Elizabeth tells Jason she‘s certain Zander fired in self-defense. Lucky bitterly reminds Nikolas that Luke could never have kidnapped their mother. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Scott presses Luke for a full confession. Alexis visits Laura at the hospital and gently reminds the confused woman that Luke needs her help to avoid a long prison term. Hearing the voice of her younger self warning her to beware, Laura becomes agitated and orders the attorney to leave. Insisting he was trying to protect his wife from her stepfather, Luke claims he clubbed Rick to death in the attic room. Alarmed to find Alcazar chatting amiably with Maxie and Georgie, Felicia hisses at the arms dealer to stay away from her daughters. Alcazar comments to Roy what lovely daughters his friend has.Later, Roy urges a frightened Felicia to take her family and leave town immediately. Jason brings Elizabeth and Zander to his penthouse for safekeeping. Ned and Jax stage an argument in which it appea