08.12.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 159 -  Air Date: 8/12/2002
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Preview:.Recap:Sonny instructs Jason to break into Roy‘s penthouse and find out what he can about Roy‘s backer. Mike accompanies his son-in-law to the police station, where a worried A.J. attempts to file a missing persons report on his absent wife and is informed they have to be missing for 24 hours before anything can be done. As the wedding guests begin to gather, Lesley and Bobbie realize that no one has seen Luke or Laura since the previous night. Mac arrives to inform Sonny that the bomb which leveled his warehouse was triggered by remote control and offers to help fight who ever it is who did it. Courtney‘s fellow strippers shield her from view until A.J. and Mike leave the building. Elton sputters in dismay when Scott theorizes that the bride and groom have eloped. Jax muses to Skye how ironic it is that the lasting enmity between him and Sonny is the only thing they have left of Brenda. A. J. appeals to Sonny for help locating Courtney, then is taken aback by some harsh words