08.09.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 158 -  Air Date: 8/9/2002
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Preview:Laura comes to face to face with herself.Recap:Sonny reminds Carly why he can‘t let her and Michael move into the penthouse just yet. Puzzled by Alcazar‘s latest orders, Roy wonders what Jax and Sonny could possibly have in common. Gritting her teeth through her last few sets at the strip joint, Courtney concentrates on spending her birthday with her beloved husband. Meanwhile, A.J. asks Skye to help him throw a surprise party at Club 101 for his hardworking wife. Inside the attic room, Laura comes face-to-face with a vision of her younger self. Skye squirms when A.J. commends her for not caving in to their conniving grandfather. As Lucky zeros in on a twenty-year-old clue, Luke speculates that Scott killed Teresa and was aided in the cover-up by Rick. Courtney is touched when her coworkers treat her to a surprise backstage. Laura shudders to suddenly realize that Teresa died at Rick‘s hands during that stormy night years ago. After Carly moves herself and her son back to the